The VP2s — Introducing 30 New Republic Venture Partners Fighting To Change the Status Quo

Cheryl Campos
22 min readJul 7, 2020

Meet the folks leading the way for lasting access & inclusion

2020 has been wrought with change — political, cultural, biological (+ murder hornets). We are fighting systemic racial injustices, economic downturns, and a virus that threatens a comeback in the U.S.

As the world has caught on fire, one thing remains clear — we need everyone’s collective brainpower more than ever to continue fighting for change.


At Republic, it is entrenched in our DNA to focus on democratizing access to founders and investors — to work with underestimated founders that have few options for funding. and the 97% of America that have been locked out of a valuable asset class. We launched our Republic Venture Partner program at the very beginning of this new era to bring our fiercest friends and allies into the fight. Yet our mission only became more relevant as the VC industry as a whole began to collectively have more honest discussions about topics we’ve been championing such as race and equity. This was not news to us, but it was about time to bring these inequities to light and take action.

So let’s be clear on what we accomplished with our inaugural VP1s in the past 3 months:

  • Inspired & contributed to the $75k Republic BLM pledge to support black founders that raise on our platform. For transparency, $40k has already been allocated to black founded companies currently onboarding in the past month alone (corporates interested in supporting underrepresented founders, please let us know).
  • Advocated for SEC changes (shoutout to Brandon Andrews & Harold Hughes!) & spreading the word about the COVID-19 Offering changes.
  • Sourced dealflow that have been accepted to the Republic platform (less than 1% acceptance rate) with ~65% underrepresented founders and hailing from our Republic Cities, Atlanta & Austin.
  • Celebrated internal wins! Ex: Namrata became Director of VentureBridge Accelerator at Carnegie Mellon Swartz Center, Christy became President of Launchpad2x for women founders, and other wins not…



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