The Republic Rundown — April ‘21

Cheryl Campos
2 min readMay 9, 2021

Companies you can invest in right now + coming up

Here are the companies that launched on Republic, including those Testing the Waters.


AlphaFlow: Real estate investing with an institutionalized approach. Raised over $16M in financing to date from investors like Y Combinator, Point72, Social Capital, and Saluda Grade.

Ayoba: Premium, no-sugar, South African recipe beef snacks. Backed by Siddhi Capital and Irish Angels.

Fund the First: Donation based crowdfunding platform supporting our nation’s heroes

Golfkicks: Transform sneakers into golf shoes. Raised $550k to date.

Lora DiCarlo: (LGBTQ+, Female Founder) Sex tech platform with $7.5M in annual revenue and a global consumer footprint.

Lupli: (Female Founder) Lupini bean based snack company. Backed by Human Ventures, Simple Food Ventures, HBS Angels (Boston)

Real Made Oats: (Female Founder) Organic, no sugar added, non-GMO and plant-based overnight oats. Raised $1.5m in private capital. Helps diners discover new places to eat, enjoy, and socialize. Supported by Kevin Harrington and acclaimed chef Fabio Viviani.

Season Three: (Black Founder) Hiking boots and outdoor apparel geared towards millennials & gen-z. Backed by Rough Draft Ventures, The Met Fund (MIT-affiliated fund), Rich Pierson (founder of Headspace), and SKU’D Ventures.

The Pickleball Club: (Veteran Founder) Developing dedicated indoor pickleball clubs.

Worklete: AI-powered mobile platform keeping frontline workers safe and healthy. Raised $8M from VCs such as Trinity Ventures, Aspect Ventures, Kapor Capital, and Launch Capital.

Testing the Waters:

La Borra Cafe: (Latinx Founder, Female Founder) Coffee chain with 70 branches in Mexico, now expanding to California. Crowd-funded in Mexico MX$14M+ from 955 investors.

Slate Click: Casting calls & Crew calls software. Bootstrapped to date.

Spinster Sisters: (Female Founder) Apothecary skincare for the modern age wrapped up in a badass, sustainable brand

Cheryl Campos

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