The Power of VCFamilia — Meet 150+ Latinx Venture Capitalists

Cheryl Campos
3 min readJun 8, 2021
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VCFamilia was founded in response to a pain point shared by many Latinx venture capitalists: isolation. In finance and tech, we’ve frequently been “the only one” in the room, which is an experience I know all too well.

When I began my career in VC, I searched Linkedin to find other Latinx folks in the space that shared my same background and found myself asking — why is it so hard to find new friends or mentors I can relate to?

After working for a while in the space, I realized there were many Latinx investors out there yearning for community and searching for a platform to share their lived experiences. In a recent Deloitte study, the number of Latinx investors in 2020 actually decreased compared to 2018, which means there’s a dire need to support existing talent and to cultivate incoming talent.

Publicly launched in January, VCFamilia is a community of Latinx venture capitalists focused on normalizing the Latinx experience in venture while supporting current and emerging investors. Within six months of launching VCFamilia as a professional network focused on community, our initial hypothesis is proving to be true. We are now the largest Latinx VC affinity group with over 150 members! We’ve launched a member directory so that VCF members can find each other, mentor, meetup, coinvest, and collaborate. It also shows the power in numbers; if you asked any VC how many Latinx investors they know in the space, they would probably count them on one hand. The space has changed and VCFamilia is bringing the Latinx community to the forefront of venture.

On our website, you can see many of the faces in the community because, true to the name, VCF is a familia. We’re run by folks eager to contribute instead of creating a hierarchy or focusing on titles. And together we do more:

  • Two Latinas have joined VC funds as a…
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