The Power of Community: Welcoming VP3s to the Republic Venture Partner family

Cheryl Campos
15 min readOct 14, 2020

Republic’s core mission to support founders is urgent in a time of chaos, and we need help to get there.

Founding and fundraising for a startup is grinding work that isn’t for the faint of heart. But no matter how tough you are, having a supportive community of champions interested in watching you shine is crucial to any company’s success. Republic investors are a dynamic group of individuals with varied backgrounds and experience, but they all share one common trait: a passion for supporting founders.

It is therefore my great pleasure to introduce the third cohort of Venture Partners (“VPs”), a group of talented individuals who have agreed to support Republic in the course of their own impressive careers. They are mission-driven investors motivated to create more opportunities for diverse founders to access resources critical to their success. They make investments across verticals and stages, and have an acute focus on serving diverse founders to get more innovative companies off the ground. In addition to being supportive and energetic founder champions, they are also Olympians, veterans, world travelers, athletes, artists, and polyglots.

I have learned incredible lessons about community power from our Venture Partners, which started with a 2019 pilot followed by the VP1, VP2, and now VP3 cohorts. Here’s a taste of what they have helped us do, and their incredible achievements and contributions to the startup ecosystem since July:

  • VPs sourced 40%+ of Partnerships dealflow in Q3 at Republic in 2020. VPs not only find founders but ARE founders, and several have launched their own campaigns on Republic (and counting!)
  • VP2 Lolita Taub launched the Community Fund to invest in early stage community centric companies.
  • This year, VP3 Kathryn Cartini and Chloe Capital have deployed $1.25M in funding in partnership with the ECMC Foundation to female founders on the forefront of work and education. The next signature #InvestInWomen program will be held in 2021 — women-led clean tech companies can apply at
  • VP2 Rashida Bobb has joined the Board of Directors of the Women Heart Organization, a national heart disease awareness…



Cheryl Campos

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