The New GenZs in VC: Meet the Inaugural 32 Republic Venture Fellows

Cheryl Campos
21 min readDec 20, 2020

From the very beginning of Republic’s history, our fiercest supporters and early adopters were the youngest investors, the Gen Zs. They focused not just on embracing innovative investing, but also voted with their dollars and invested in companies that were molding a better future. They were going to champion us in rooms we’re not in and create meaningful change doing so, and we wanted to make sure the next wave of venture investors have our support.

After 450+ impressive applications, we found 32 of the brightest young minds from 19 schools who were aligned in our mission of democratizing private investing. They participated in a six-week educational program that took a deep dive into the fundamentals of venture capital.

A special thanks goes out to our speakers this quarter who covered sourcing, due diligence, investment thesis creation, and branding: Republic Venture Partners Mac Conwell (Rarebreed) and Kofi Ampadu (SKU’d Ventures), and VC partners Jessica Li (ZAGENO & Elpha) and Meghan Lloyst (Lerer Hippeau).

Republic is proud to bring talented, young, and diverse students interested in VC to the forefront of this industry, supported by our network of Venture Partners and other VCs with education and mentorship.

As the capstone project for this educational program, we had groups form investment theses and provided them with seed funds to directly invest in startups according to their theses. In an industry like VC unfairly about who you know and what you’ve done, our Republic Venture Fellows are now tapped into a deep tech and investment network and are actively deploying dollars into startups they believe in. However they’re also calling out the status quo:

They are the true movers and shakers of the industry. We are so proud to introduce you to the first cohort of Republic Venture Fellows! Get to know them…

Cheryl Campos

Head of Venture @ Republic, investing in private startups. Learn more at & follow me on twitter @modelvc