The Largest Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration in VC History

Cheryl Campos
7 min readOct 27, 2022

VCFamilia and FounderFamilia hosted the largest Hispanic Heritage Month celebration in venture capital history, including incredible keynotes, a major pitch competition, and Karol G. Less than two years ago, we were a few Latines venture capitalists looking to find our community. Today, VCFamilia has more than 300 members across the United States and Latin America. We also launched a sister organization for founders, called FounderFamilia, which now boasts over 350 members in just 4 months. We have started a grassroots movement with incredible momentum that reaches beyond our wildest dreams. See below the impact we have had in the ecosystem to support Latine founders and funders.

9 Kickoff Dinners in 3 Days

We started Hispanic Heritage Month strong with 9 Kickoff Dinners September 20–22 to bring together Latine founders and funders in celebration of our heritage. This year we increased the number of cities where we had these dinners because community members were happy to volunteer and plan alongside us. We even got to host a special happy hour with the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) in San Diego! Networks are critical as a funder and a founder. These dinners provided a safe space to learn about one another and how we can support each other’s growth. During these dinners, we were able to authentically connect, laugh, and share our appreciation for one another. We loved meeting our growing familia, over 500 attendees, and we want to thank our city leads below for all their support:

City Leads: Carolina Huaranca, Jose Lopez, Adriana Embus, Andres Barreto, Carlos Covarrubias, Elisa Sepulveda, Adrian Mendoza, Giancarlo Rocco, Carlos Torres, Renee Rosillo, Joshe Ordonez, Leandro Bedolla, Andrea Araneda, Andres Izquieta, Juan Manuel Barrero, Adrian “AJ” DeLeón, Alonso Mujica, Elian Savodivker, Beatriz Ayala, Juan Felipe Uribe, Nacho de Marco

The White House

The kickoff events caught the attention of the White House! Seven Founder Familia members were invited to Washington DC for a full day of meetings to meet the current administration. During these meetings we discussed how to support both Latine founders and funders, and the visit ended with a reception at Vice President Kamala Harris’ house in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Cheryl Campos

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