Republic Rundown — March ‘21

The Reg CF Deals you can invest in now

Cheryl Campos
8 min readApr 4, 2021


See below a record amount of deals launched on Republic, some which are testing the waters to then launch an official campaign.


AdWallet: Enables advertisers to reward consumers directly for their attention & data.

AdWallet is a platform that enables brands and their customers to finally have a direct, transparent and mutually beneficial relationship with each other. Imagine if advertisers and consumers acted as partners, rather than adversaries? AdWallet instantly transforms “ads” from being unwanted interruptions, into welcomed invitations into daily life.

Arlene: Making immersive technology accessible & results-driven

Modern brands require innovative solutions to engage with their audiences. Arlene elevates consumer engagement through a full suite that powers experiences such as 360 virtual showrooms/tours, 3D/AR product preview, and social AR.

Ascent AeroSystems: Setting the new global standard for mission-critical unmanned aerial systems

Ascent AeroSystems’ high performance coaxial UAVs are specifically designed for enterprise operations in harsh environments. With a simple cylindrical configuration that reduces the airframe structure to an absolute minimum, Ascent’s MADE IN THE USA coaxial drones are simply a better platform for mission-critical applications.

CommissaryClub: The exclusive social network for people with a criminal history (Social Impact, investors from Founder Fund, Y Combinator, Quake Capital)

We launched 70 Million Jobs four years ago with the goal of helping the formerly incarcerated find employment. By any measure, we’ve had great success, helping thousands of deserving men and women land jobs. Along the way, our community of 11M+ told us that in addition to employment help, they were hungry to be part of a larger community. We knew that building a digital destination where they could meet, share advice, and serve as role models and inspiration, should be our next priority. In response, we built Commissary Club.

Fanalyze: Your sports analysis app (Immigrant Founders, Minority Founders)



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