Maria Pope and Amora Miller Join the Family— Doubling Down on Republic’s Venture Partner Program

Cheryl Campos
4 min readNov 24, 2021
The Venture Growth and Partnerships Team at Republic

Republic’s Venture Partners have been working hard to bring incredible founders and companies to the Republic platform especially during the pandemic, so much so that they now bring in the majority of our partnerships deal flow. They’ve been supportive to founders not only in passing through our rigorous due diligence and onboarding process, but also in spreading the word once these founders are fundraising. It’s that passion and shared mission of assisting founders that makes the Venture Partner Program a community. Noorjit Sidhu (VP2) even wrote about it in TechCrunch. By the way, we’ll be announcing our first three batches of Senior Venture Partners in the upcoming weeks in a new leadership capacity of the Republic Community.

In order to cater to the growing needs of our Venture Partners, Heather and I had to bring in fresh talent that could apply industry experience and a new perspective to the VPP. Originally slated for an individual contributor, the Venture Partner lead position was difficult to fill because it requires such a range of talent — sweating the minutiae while also thinking outside the box, not to mention Heather’s enormous shoes. So when we interviewed two rockstars with such complementary skill sets, we knew we had to hire them both.

We are pleased to announce that Maria Pope and Amora Miller have joined our Venture Growth and Partnerships team full time as Venture Partner Leads.

Maria Pope is our community engagement and programming manager, originally from Texas but currently based in Washington, DC. After graduating from Texas A&M University, she started her career in philanthropy working in nonprofit fundraising for one of the largest private family foundations in Texas, launching a new initiative focused on cultivating relationships with young alumni donors. Then she moved to work directly for Sarah Woolsey, the executive director and founder of Mission City Renewal in San Antonio, TX (part community development nonprofit, part social enterprise co-working space). In this role, Maria launched new community development…

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