The Reg CF Deals you can invest in now

See below a record amount of deals launched on Republic, some which are testing the waters to then launch an official campaign.


AdWallet: Enables advertisers to reward consumers directly for their attention & data.

AdWallet is a platform that enables brands and their customers to finally have a direct, transparent and mutually beneficial relationship with each other. Imagine if advertisers and consumers acted as partners, rather than adversaries? AdWallet instantly transforms “ads” from being unwanted interruptions, into welcomed invitations into daily life.

Arlene: Making immersive technology accessible & results-driven

Modern brands require innovative solutions to engage with their audiences. Arlene…

Here are the startups that launched campaigns in February, several which are sold out!

Aether Beauty: Disrupting the $500B beauty industry with clean+sustainable makeup that works (Eco, Female Founders)

Aether Beauty is a clean makeup brand that is both effective and safe. Banning over 2700 ingredients and developing recyclable packaging, we bridge the gap between clean ingredients and effective product performance for those interested in healthier makeup for themselves and the planet.

SOLD OUT: Asaak: Next generation asset-backed loans for Africa (Social Impact, Backed by Resolute Ventures 500 Startups, Social Capital, HOF Capital)

Asaak was founded with the mission to…

Campaigns that launched in January

Republic allows anyone to invest in startups and for startups to raise up to $1 million. Posted the first Sunday of the month, the Republic Rundown is a summary of campaigns that launched sometime the month before.

For Black History Month, we have highlighted offerings with black founders currently available here.


AudioCardio — Physical therapy for your hearing

Using data- and science- backed Threshold Sound Conditioning technology, AudioCardio users assess their hearing to generate personalized barely audible sound therapies to maintain and strengthen their hearing.

Cherrish — 100% all-natural cherry juice that fights inflammation (backed…

At Republic, we have focused on democratizing access to private investing from the beginning. It has been our north star to give founders access to the capital they need to thrive, while allowing the masses to invest early in companies they believe in. More than ever, there is fervent appetite in investing; it is timely we see the public moving the stock market in droves. But the underlying force is the collective, the community, the united force that has allowed for change. And that’s what we tap into — the power of community and access.

After a successful pilot of…

Republic has grown significantly from the 25 person team it was back when I joined in 2018. Now with an international team and three acquisitions later, Republic has globally over 120 team members and counting. We are more conscious than ever of who we’re bringing on board to continue our mission of democratizing access and we are pleased to announce that Heather Buffo has joined our Venture Growth and Partnerships team full time in the Austin office.

If you haven’t seen her around, Heather has a demonstrated track record of being a Jack / Jill of all trades. Graduating from…

From the very beginning of Republic’s history, our fiercest supporters and early adopters were the youngest investors, the Gen Zs. They focused not just on embracing innovative investing, but also voted with their dollars and invested in companies that were molding a better future. They were going to champion us in rooms we’re not in and create meaningful change doing so, and we wanted to make sure the next wave of venture investors have our support.

After 450+ impressive applications, we found 32 of the brightest young minds from 19 schools who were aligned in our mission of democratizing private…

Republic’s core mission to support founders is urgent in a time of chaos, and we need help to get there.

Founding and fundraising for a startup is grinding work that isn’t for the faint of heart. But no matter how tough you are, having a supportive community of champions interested in watching you shine is crucial to any company’s success. Republic investors are a dynamic group of individuals with varied backgrounds and experience, but they all share one common trait: a passion for supporting founders.

It is therefore my great pleasure to introduce the third cohort of Venture Partners (“VPs”)…

With orange skies scaring the Bay Area and smoky air preventing outdoor activities, it only seems natural that 2020 would be the year the world burned. Yet, the intense wildfires in California, Colorado, and Australia are not just a mark of the chaos that is the year 2020, but rather a serious call to action to fight climate change.

Our gratitude goes out to the brave first responders and residents that are being affected by the fires in the American West and everywhere that fire threatens livelihoods. While we cannot stand beside them in the blaze, we can leverage the…

The “Pipeline” is Blocked At The Top —

With the recent uprising against systemic racism in our governmental institutions and society, there has been an increased focus on the on the lack of funding for underrepresented founders. Only 1% of VC funded startup founders are Black, Latinas have received .04% of VC funding, women of color can expect an average of $42k seed funding vs. the average seed funding of $1m, the list of stats goes on.

Yet the problem is far deeper than startup founder-level stats. It exists at the other side of the table —just 3% of VCs are Black and 2% are Latinx. The diversity…

Meet the folks leading the way for lasting access & inclusion

2020 has been wrought with change — political, cultural, biological (+ murder hornets). We are fighting systemic racial injustices, economic downturns, and a virus that threatens a comeback in the U.S.

As the world has caught on fire, one thing remains clear — we need everyone’s collective brainpower more than ever to continue fighting for change.


At Republic, it is entrenched in our DNA to focus on democratizing access to founders and investors — to work with underestimated founders that have few options for funding. and the 97% of America that have been locked out of a valuable asset class. We launched our Republic Venture Partner program at the very beginning of this…

Cheryl Campos

Head of Venture @ Republic, investing in private startups. Learn more at & follow me on twitter @modelvc

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